Research and Development

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Research and Development

Martin Company provides product marketing research, feasibility studies, and proof of concept documentation. The most efficient way to affect new product development is in the product specification at the very beginning of the project. We often do R&D projects for customers for the following reasons:

Market Research – We do pricing, market and specification studies on new product concepts.

Feasibility Studies – We often do feasibility studies for new product ideas including specifications, preliminary designs, and design and product cost estimates.

Product Searches – We search for competitors to new product ideas or concepts.

New Product Conception – We work with customers to conceptualize new product ideas.

New Product Development – Sometimes new product developments start with a Research and Development phase.

To effectively do research and development, we use the following process:

Understand customer requirements.
We may document the requirements from a meeting or phone call with the customer or the customer, may provide that documentation. Either way, it is best if the documentation is followed with a phone call to discuss it.

Confirm with customer via email and telephone.
Feedback to and from the customer is very important during this process. We find that the more the customer is involved in the process, the more likely it is that we will achieve the desired result.

Survey the technology required.
New product development often requires new or non familiar technology. We may study that technology on the web, from existing product operation manuals, data sheets, or other sources.

Talk to technology specialists.
It is quite beneficial to call specialists in the area of technology that we are charged with understanding to discuss the particular application and how well this technology may work. We have found that a key to solving technical problems is finding a specialist who will talk with us in detail about our application. The internet has made it much easier to find these specialists, as they are located all over the world. Experience has taught us how to find people who know the technology and are willing to help. These folks may be application engineers, marketing specialists, design engineers, presidents of small companies, authors of applicable technology articles, or other experts.

Contrast and compare similar products and technologies.
Often it is important to compare or contrast existing products that may be similar to the product under development.

Note: Internet contact covers the widest range of people, with the least depth. The next widest range is telephone contact, with more depth. The narrowest range is personal contact, with the most depth. The trick is to judge when to use which technique for gathering information. Normally we start off with internet, then we go to the telephone, and then if necessary, we visit the client or vendor personally.

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Discover how Martin Company can assist you with electronics engineering and manufacturing services.