Software & Firmware Development

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Software & Firmware Development

Our software standards are a combination of our internal standards, customer standards, and “A Firmware Development Standard,” by Jack Ganssle.

Our software engineers work in all of the prevailing languages including assembly, C, C++, Dynamic C®, MATLAB®, LabView™, Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Microsoft® .NET, and Microsoft® ASP.NET, Objective C, and Java.

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Androi to interface to your BLE devices.

We have developed code for the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Keil RTX5, CMX-RTX™ RTOS, FreeRTOS, μC/OS-II™ RTOS, RTXC™ RTOS, TimeSys® Linux RTOS, Linux, Windows®, and Windows® Embedded.

We use powerful development tools including XCode™, Android Studio™, Eclipse/GCC, Code Composer Studio™, CodeWarrior™, LabView™, LabWindows™/CVI, Quartus®, MPLAB®, MPLABX®, TASKING® IDE, TextPad®, and Visual Studio® .NET.

Using MATLAB® we can create complex models of the system under development, analyze data, and create DSP algorithms.

We document our software/firmware with Software Architecture Diagrams, Flow Diagrams, and State Diagrams to describe how the software will work. We additionally provide Doxygen style help files for any custom API interfaces developed.

We can develop automated unit testing for C++ and Microsoft® .NET programs using NUnit, GoogleTest, and GoogleMock.

Our software and firmware are source controlled using SVN and Git repositories. Alternate source control can be used at the customer’s request, including private GitHub repositories.

We have experience programming the following processor families, and we are adding more all of the time.

Atmel Corporation

  • tinyAVR®

ARM® technology

  • ARM7™
  • ARM9™
  • ARM10™
  • ARM11™
  • Cortex®

Digi International Inc.

  • Rabbit®

Intel Corporation

  • Atom™
  • MCS®-51
  • Cyclone III

Future Technology Devices International, Ltd.

  • Vinculum™

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

  • DS™80C

Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.

  • PXA3

Microchip Technology Inc.

  • DSPIC®30
  • DSPIC®33
  • PIC®12
  • PIC®16
  • PIC®18
  • PIC®24
  • PIC®32

NXP Semiconductors

  • LPC213x

Performance Motion Devices, Inc.

  • MC58000

Silicon Labs

  • BLE113

STMicroelectronics Group

  • ST™10
  • STM32F7

Texas Instruments Inc.

  • C2000™
  • C5000™
  • C6000™
  • Davinci™
  • MSP430™
  • OMAP™
  • TMS470
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Discover how Martin Company can assist you with electronics engineering and manufacturing services.